Girl On a Train

If i jumped on a train

Where would it take me?

How far would I ride it?

Would I be free?

A passenger on its many painted boxcars

A tourist to its many destinations

Just a person in a great big universe

Watching the world speed by in a blur

I'm not lost 

nore am i found

For you cannot be lost if you never had a home

And you can’t be found if you never find one

I am but a moment in time

If nobody knows i exist i am invisible

Just a girl on a train

A train leading nowhere

Watching my life fly by in a whirlwind of memories and missed opportunities

Just a few words that were thought but never spoken

So as far as anyone else is concerned

Never happened at all. 

This poem is about: 
Our world



I love this. Call of the void perfectly described in a few lines.


thank you: )

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