That Girl in the Mirror

I stare into the mirror and see somone looking back at me

We have the same physical features, but the aura I feel is different

We're not the same person

The person I see staring back at me is not independent

The person I see is shy and hides in their shell

That person keeps to themselves and doesn't express their feelings

That person follows others

The person I'm staring at is me

The old me

Now, I'm confident in myself and I see life from a different perspective

I don't follow others, but try to challenge myself into trying new ways

I am more open and express myself to others instead of bottling up my emoions

I am a new person and I am proud  of who I am

Time created me into this new person

Realizing that I will be going off on my own soon made me realize I needed to change some of my ways

I don't regret it at all

This is the new me and I'm proud

So, I stare back at the person in the mirror and slowly see the changes occuring

I smile and she smiles back at me

We are one


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