Girl on the Inside

I am many things:

a feminist, an activist, a straight-A student, an aspiring actress, a talented employee.

These are the things that I label as part of me. 

These things, while very much so me, can sometimes seem so hard to achieve.

The person I am, and will continue to be, would be nothing without determination, motivation and concentration.


Without determination I would’ve let brash men ruin my dreams, tug at my tears and silence my screams. 

Without motivation I would’ve let other peoples’ problems stay their own, instead of letting them be accepted, valid and known. 

Without concentration I would’ve lost hope in the endless mess of my brain, bringing down that shiny 4.0 GPA. 


I can live without food, water and faith. But survival without determination, motivation and concentration seems like a waste. Is it truly living if you don’t feel alive? I am not living unless I project the girl on the inside. 



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