The Girl I See?

They called her a kid,

One that would make an impact in people’s lives,

Give girls an image to strive for,

And that’s exactly what she did.


Growing up in her father’s shadow

gave her an image she didn’t have to strive for.

Yet with a smile on her face

She put on a show for the world,

Tucking her feelings away with no one to know.


She began to change somethings in her life around.

Doing movies outside of her assigned comfort-zone,

And singing songs that made people genuinely feel something,

It made her heart start to pound.


But it wasn’t enough,

She grew up with the eyes of the world always on her,

And still “her image” was the same.

So she took action because it seemed no one

Was going to call her bluff.


She was the tv star turned pop star.

The pop star turned movie star.

And now, she herself is the star,

Going beyond the lowly set bar.


Becoming an adult gave her the chance,

To show everyone she’s worth a second glance.



But she was told by many she should keep quiet.

Many of them were her fans before her transformation into the butterfly she is.

I guess you could say she had head in a cloud.


She cut her hair,

Partied all night,

Got drunk and high at every opportunity.                                                                                                                                                                                    She was truly living life without a care.


But there was a time that she was in love,

He was with her before she changed.

But she guesses he didn't like the real her.

So he left, flying away like a dove.


She didn't realize that while she was finding myself,

Everyone around her only looked out for their self.


So nowadays,

When she looks at how far she’s come,

And seeing just how much my her new life has affected those close to her,

It made her feel like she’d just completed a maze.


She’s the symbol of individuality.

For girls and boys everywhere.

To remind them to embrace who they are and to deal with the decisions they make.

No one has to be scared of facing that hard wall of reality.


And yeah, she may not have as many people in her life now,

And she may not be as popular as she used to be, but she made that decision.

She’s the one that could end it all in an instant.

She’s the one holding the knife.


But she’s going to live with it.

She’s sees the world differently.

And she,

She is going to power through every last bit.



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