The Girl Behind Me

As a shadow,
things can always be seen at different angles,
but as no'one notices you, you loose expression,
you lose that inter-power given to you,
But still stand tall so that all can see,
The positivity surrounding me,
Never letting go of me,
Of what i can possibly be,
Beauty inside and out of me,
Wearing a trench coat so fashionably,
My shadow, secretly looking me,
The girl behind me freeze, letting others feelings pile on top of me,
Giving me the strength to handle whatever comes at me,
I dropped it allowing my mind to unleash words that might reveal how i really feel,
Expressing myself more powerfully,
Non-satistic im trying to be,
So believe the girl behind me stand tall and phenomenally,
Wondering. what they see in me,
Is it the stride of my step to succes, possibly yes,
So am I impressed (yes) because nothing can stop me from presenting my best,
No hold back, no stress,
A phanomenal woman standing tall so that all can see (me) The girl behind me.

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