As a Girl

Wed, 05/22/2019 - 23:36 -- Danaaaj

I was bullied and had low self-esteem; I was not true to myself. 

I feared that bullying will never end and I despised that I was not smart like others

I was a coward, never a leader, and I never thought about my future.

I started to follow the crowd and became a bully; I was not true to myself


Being a bully made others admired the way I acted; I was not true to myself.

I tried to survive middle school, but I saw myself falling behind from other students

I was still unhappy in life, but didn’t care to fight for what I wanted

Then, high school came along and I thought I will be the same; I was not true to myself. 


This high school was different from others. It was smaller and competitive on academics; my life was changing.

It was a challenge for me and I saw that other students were focused more on education than gossip.

It was something innovative for me and I admired it

I started to focus on me, my grades, and what I wanted to do in life; my life was changing.


As my high school year went by, I had A’s and changed my personality; I grew up

I started to become ambitious, discovered that I had a passion for environment

I desired to be something amazing in the future and reduce global warming

My life was better. I was happy that I was finally doing what gratifies me; I finally grew up.


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