That Girl

Sun, 03/24/2019 - 18:30 -- Cyrus

This feeling, it never escapes me.

It's always there in my heart.

A warmth in my skin, it fills me with glee.

It tends to grow; wakes me with a start.


Is it her beautiful green eyes?

Or her gorgeous, flowing hair?

It is beyond my comprehension, to feel in such size.

All I know is I will never stop, for I care.


Her smile can lighten my mood anytime,

Her eyes gleam with an emotion akin to mine.

I knew as I was enchanted by her rhyme,

That I would hold her close, forever in line.


My heart pounded as I finally spoke.

She raised her head to peer above.

I tried ever so desperately not to croak.

So clearly, I told her the feeling was love.

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Great imagery, I can really see her features, great word choice!

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