Like a Girl

Fri, 02/13/2015 - 08:05 -- cgerman


I play softball,

always have since I was little,

and any sport I try,

I play well and I have fun,


Sometimes the boys would talk,

but once they saw me play,

I never heard them say,

She throws like a girl,


but I do throw like a girl,

I can spin a softball,

and make it curve and sink,

and at 50 miles per hour,

you won’t hit it at all,


and I can swing a bat like a girl,

I can hit a round ball with a round bat,

I’ve hit grounders and pop-flys,

singles, and doubles, and triples,

and homers over the fence,


and I run like a girl,

three seconds down to first,

I steal second and third,

and once time stole home,

yes I’m fast like a girl,


and I field like a girl,

I catch, I dive,

I turn double-plays,

If you hit it to me,

you’re out – that’s all.

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I hope this inspires other girls to take "like a girl" as a compliment.

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