This Girl


She has a face of innocence but that doesn't mean she doesn't have a bit of fire in her. She fights with her words and not with her fists, compared to fists her words are a thousand swords going into your dark soul all at once. She can be sweet as candy until you get on her bad side and then you best believe she's going to get even. She may be short but  she will always walk tall. She is not like ordinary girls, she doesn't worry about breaking a nail or her hair getting wet when it rains, she is different; she worries more about the future and who she will be then. Instead of words, she lets poetry be her mouth, she lets poetry speak of how she feels and who she is. This girl is a girl that cannot be destroyed; she is only a girl that can be reinvented as time goes on. This girl is me. Nadia. Marie. Davis.





Thank you for commenting on my poem last week, I really apprieciate it.

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