Like a Girl

Tue, 07/22/2014 - 20:37 -- Arij95

Recently I learned that glasses have gender


That the colors we see


the clothes we wear


the words we speak


the toys that children play with


They too have gender


See there is a reason that department stores separate their items


make sure that everything is clearly organized




and labeled


and its not so that its easier to buy them


but because it makes it easier for us to buy into their mindset


they don't want us to be confused about which sphere we belong to


so they get into our minds and build sphere after sphere, they plan and they scheme while they're


turning their gears


all in an effort to make it clear that we must not combine them


We have become so blind to the people in front of our eyes that all we see are the lines and the lies that


lie between them we forget that we all lie under the same sun.


Instead of using this sun to illuminate and see we use it to create veils and shadows


until all we can see are the shapes and the hallows


that we define as male and female


Like hovering hosts


They serve characteristics on silver platters


“hand picked” for us and for them while they


encourage us to chatter


But our voices have chains and our chatter is conditioned to be heard only so long as we keep to ourselves


the questions we have about the subject matter


With turgid hands they serve men beer in large mugs and to us they allow tea in small cups while I sit


and grow mad as the Mad Hatter


See I have gone mad not from poison but from poisonous tongues that flicker and spatter the absurdity


that serves only to drive me madder because they smile and sit while


they sit there


and spit


that it doesn't matter


But my question is not a riddle it is not about a raven nor a writing desk


And I cannot just sit here as it burns in my middle because they continue to spit “this way is best”


The corset they've put around me only grows tighter and tighter so that comfortably I cannot rest


Now I cannot let it rest this question of mine that pounds in my heart burns in my throat and seizes my


tongue demanding to unfurl


When did it become an insult to do something “like a girl”?


When did this notion that men are better than women, that boys are better than girls become so widely


accepted that its plaguing the world?


Instead of addressing the issue at its core


where it takes root in the minds of the young, the old, the rich and the poor


we cover it up, mask it, push it to the back of our minds, the bottoms of our lists and pretend


its all lore


But this is not a myth, though its a story that we've written


With our words we've given birth to a separate world that comes both welcome and unbidden


a place where Alice must change her body to fit the needs of her surroundings again and again


a place where debasement has become the norm and rape has become a culture


where women are depicted as prey and men as vultures


Now this issue I'm presenting, are you starting to see?


Because not just people but time has convinced me


that the issue lies with us and not just with me, but rather a we


that we have come to believe that with issues like this hold no responsibility


and as long as we sit back and pretend, sit back with our mouths shut and pretend


that nothing is wrong, there’s no problem to fix


but there is a problem and the problem is this


we refer to men as dogs and women as chicks


and the self esteem of each girl we kick






while we tell her its better to be skinny and sick than to be healthy and thick


what we don't realize is that it is our minds that are sick and enslaved by a prejudice


that fosters only hate and injustice


But I will not be enslaved by this oppressive mentality


I will not become what society thinks I should be


I will not present myself with a curtsy or a twirl


But I will always be proud to do something like a girl



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