Gilgamesh, a Troubled Man

Gilgamesh rules over Uruk, a city in his favorite MMO

Gilgamesh has power, or so he believes

He is constantly messaging girls online to be their boyfriend

The players of the game appeal to the creators for help

So such that mighty Enkidu, a moderator, is assigned to oversee Gilgamesh's odd ways.


Gilgamesh confides in Enkidu his day to day activities

"Sup girl", "Hey hot stuff", "asl babe" are his favorite lines

A farmer down the road from Gil's house is livid that Gilgamesh tips his bulls over every night.

Gilgamesh's boss - Ishtar, had fired him the other day

for "Hey hot stuff" is not workplace appropriate


Enkidu knows now that Gilgamesh is not who he expected

Enkidu contacts his employer with all he has learned

Gilgamesh is banned and his character deleted

Gilgamesh asks his uncle Utnahpishtim for advice on what to do

Utnahpishtim bestows upon Gilgamesh the gift of knowledge from one who is his elder

"Get a job you nerd"


Enkidu logs off and leaves for his pottery class

Ishtar eats a meal with her beautiful family

Farmer John's bull is tipped over again

Gilgamesh heads to his bed and looks at his degree

"I should be making money, what's the problem, fam?"

but as he rests his head and sleeps, it's ironic that we know

that Gilgamesh is a kind of troubled man.


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