Innocence lost to raw beauty

Cut the man from his low consorts

Alone thus, he met a tyrant

In the midst of unkingly duty

They made war, the king and the man,

And killed Humbaba in their play

The man first sailed

To the netherworld’s bosom

The king clawed to land

Crushing all in his path

Cursing those on the beach

Why does he first send emissaries

To the kingdom of Ereshkingal?

Such a king is no conqueror

But a thief seeking wealth without danger

None resist the tide

But the king of Uruk

He drowns upon the raft of Ur-shanabi

And wails for youth lost

But what shall be done

Without death?

From cave to castle

The leap is one of ecstasy

From castle to heaven

The hollow crown

Is but a weight of stern iron

That bears down all

To walk with Dumuzi

A tear for Humbaba

A tear for the Bull of Heaven

A tear for Ur-shanabi

A tear for the Stone Men

Yet one watched all

Yet one knew all

Yet one took all

Such a name is unknown

We shall put our words

On stone, on metal, on trees

All shall become


The dream

The dream

Will come to you

Will come to you

Will come to you

Will come to you


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