Giant Christmas tree

                               Giant Christmas tree


The giant called Norwegian spruce,

90 year’s old,85 feet high,and 13 tons weight,

Lived in a quiet land of Pennsylvania,

In all its glory chosen as world-known Christmas tree.


Then chopped down and carried long way to–

Rockefeller Plaza square,

Roots properly erected,covered,watered,

And assembled with thousands of lanterns winding wide wires.


Gorgeous lights up ceremony–

Rock long-legged girls charming thigh dance,screaming,swaying…

Hot,seductive,joyful celebration,

Another cosmopolitan holiday logo and symbol begins.


Surrounded by flowers and fluttering flags,

And at the very top ,a Star sparkling glittering,

The wind rustles among dark green needles,

In the crisp winter chill.


Traced back to 1933,during the Great Depression,

Shrouded by hunger, fear,and despair,

Erected this legendary ritual,

Millions pilgrims ceaselessly came to admire–

The giant bod’s wondrous shining green crown.


Sign!the show ends when lights turn off,bells don't ring,

Sorrow the giant could not go back where he stood,

Be laid down,unloaded,removed,or donated–

It is doomed to sad destiny all the way.


Loved as a string of pearls,dumped as a pair of worn-out shoes,

Hey! A Chinese saying ;

Mother Nature shows no mercy,taking all of creation as sacrificial straw-doggies–

"You Love the ritual, I love the tree"‧




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