there are plenty of sticky notes lining the countertops at noon when
she wakes up. giving instructions for crockpots and prepared meals. 
meatballs sitting in tomato sauce sitting in a ceramic and glass con-
tainer sitting on the countertop. no pasta. 
who eats meatballs with
no pasta. not me. who asked for meat
balls in the first place. meat-
balls sitting in tomato sauce sitting 
in a ceramic and glass container 
sitting on the countertop is supposed to be sitting in the fridge. how
did the meatballs get there. 
a sticky note next to the meatballs says
'too hot so i will put them 
away whn I get home. love u' with a scrib-
bled heart but who loves 
the girl who lives alone and didn't make nor
ask for the meatballs 
and wonders where the pasta is and when night
time falls there's a 
pot of pasta boiling on the stovetop put there by
herself (she hopes) 
she sits at the table with her meatballs and tomato
sauce sitting on 
pasta sitting on a paper plate sitting across from an
empty chair for 
someone who was supposed to sit all those things in the
fridge whn 
they got home and instead let her heart starve while her
stomach stretched satisfied. 

This poem is about: 
My family


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