Ghost Town

The heaven’s open up,

I’m standing in this ghost town,

Lost soul with no purpose,

Wondering why,

One more person wishing for an unknown sky,


The heaven’s clear,

Then brilliance strike,

A thousand connections of lightning strikes,


Hit the ground running,

Shooting stars dancing on par with the moon,

Feel the cold breeze mounting,

Fears colliding within,


Running running on the road,

The darken eyes like night fading in,

Running running for the goal,

Passion mixed with obsession like thunder and storm together,


The town is as loud as a mouse,

Haunted by moments lost,

Ghosts of the past flitting through,

Trouble by moments seen,

Ghosts of the present standing by,

Brought down by moments feared,

Ghosts of the future creeping forward,

Nothing is ever clear,




Wonders begin and the world is like a stage,

A pause in the beat and a moment of clarity,

Unknowing consequences littering the front page,

Watching the moment come with breathless pace,

Understanding the fatal unbreakable vow,


It is sweet and right to die for one’s distance dreams


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