Ghost in the Mirror

Wondering, thinking if I'm ever going to be someone
A ghost in the mirror, a stranger I've become
Drowning my sorrow down the drain
Hiding, covering, trying to disguise the pain
Feeling stuck, abandoned, lost at sea
An image slowly fading, an image of who I used to be
This isn't who I am, the illusions been scratched
Yet it feels like the lock to my future has already been latched
Can't break free from the shackles of my past
Pulling me down, down, anchoring me fast
I'm fighing off this darkness inside
Running away, but there's no where to hide
From who I used to be
I see my past in the mirror starring back at me
I shatter the glass, breaking the reflection
Realizing now that all along I've been chasing perfection
Realizing now that I am already free
That Jesus has already died to save me
I have been rescued as He was resurrected
Realizing that with His love I will never feel neglected
Now that I am free
I see Gods beautiful, wonderful creation staring back at me


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