Ghost Lines


There’s this thing called ghost lines

Pieces of poems never to be completed

Floating for a purpose inside your soul

Ghost lines,

You can feel them vibrating inside you,

wanting out, to be shared, to be lived

Like the thought of you and me

Loving each other against the odds

Letting our heart beats slow down to match one another

Existing at as one, just for a second

Or the image of you sifting through the millions of pictures you’ve taken

Just to find joy in the one of you and me

These memories whisper into my dreams during those lonely nights

Reminding me of us holding hand as if they belonged

A phantom feeling of your grasp pulling me closer

Finishing the jigsaw puzzle I never thought would be complete

Ghost poetry,

the poems of tomorrow

The hopes of tomorrow

The realization that you’ve changed the picture of perfection

That you’ve showed me the true definition of what it is to be loved

It’s doesn’t break the soul,

Instead condition it for those wars against the world

I'm no longer waiting for tomorrow

But instead pulling it towards me, quickly

With all my strength

I’m pulling you closer to me, quickly

With all my love

That’s the thing though…

tomorrow never seems to come

And I never to truly get close enough

So maybe I’m afraid to let these lines out

Lines like…

“I’ve never thought much about love poems

The way I never thought of introducing someone to my family

Not even a simple friend

Yet here I am, breathing in the poems we create with our bodies

Dancing to the melodies that our souls compose

Hoping that maybe,

My niece will find the security in your voice the way she finds it in mine

Because every time you talk, I feel like I’m at home, safe and sound

And I want to meet all the members of your family

So that maybe you’ll be excited to meet all 15 members of mine

Understand the source of all my scars

See just how much I’ve evolved in such little time

Find beauty in my open wounds as you help me close them up"

Ghost lines

They never tend to be too eerie

Just enough to keep me asking for more

They’re so powerful

So beautiful…

Like our anger

The simple idea that something so incredibly strong can reside within us

But knowing that the love is stronger

That our anger tries to wear us down, little by little

But this passion, this radiation between us

Builds us up

One molecule at a time

Ghost lines…I guess it’s not really about the poetry itself

But about our feelings instead

And I’m not used to being in love

I’m not accustomed to being loved

Or the feeling that I’m worthy of something so great

People like me tend to end up with bad luck

The thought of being a one time thing, some type of twenty minute phase made me feel hopeless

Now look at us now

Finding a source of light even in the darkness of our eyes

In the emptiest of nights

These ghost lines… well

Feelings in all truth

They’re a haunting I never want to stop

And you’re an echo I never want to fade

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