You are just a memory now,

a whisper in the wind. 

I never thought that you would be in my closet of memories.

I thoguht that we would always be making memories, together. 

How was I supposed to know that you lied when you said forever? 

Like smoke, I can see you lingering but I can't physically touch you. 

I am sad that you are gone, but fearful of you reappearing. 

I will always love you and the memory of you, 

but my heart can't take this more than twice,

not that there will be a third time. 

You have moved on to another, left me to haunt yet another girl with your prescence.

It is her turn to suffocate with your filthy smoke, 

I am sick of feeling like I am about to choke,

choking tears back with my heart feeling broken. 

This is not how things were supposed to end, 

I didn't think we would break, but i knew we would bend. 

I was willing to fight and straighten us out,

But you did not want to continue to fight for us, 

and now you are a ghost who is slowly turning my heart into dust. 

How could you? 




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