Waking up in the Ocean of Noise,Smoke and Dirt
All I think was, Is it not going to death but No its already part of me
Looking at my street all I could see
Holes and it depth

My Father bowing his head thinking of his Debts

Yeah I shall get to
In this journey I shall get home

In my hood am on the wood wearing my hood
Wow! That's the girl I wooed.
And I could hear the boring dog doing its woof! Woof!

All boys in this place thinking of making money
I am thinking of making our future better
But really not good at maths but I know Alpha and Beta
I pray everyday for this future to be better .

All girls in this place all think Sex as survival
Until my arrival other bad boys took me for their Rival

I'll just be like what kind of life it is in this ghetto

Even parent just behave's every child are from the hole .

All I know and believe is just that i'll change this Place.
Ghetto! .

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Our world
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