Getting to know Him


United States
32° 56' 19.0608" N, 80° 6' 13.5792" W

He has done such wonderful things for me
Nourished,cared and protected me
By his goodness and his grace
He has everlasting love each step of the way

Alpha and Omega the beginning and the end
He shed his blood for me and died for my sins
His shield is around me
Protecting my precious body

Getting to know him, he's always by your side
He will never let you fall
He's always their to guide you

When your in deep thought, just thinking about him
His grace and mercy is within
His spirit moving inside you
Your crying tears of joy because he has lifted you

Getting to know him, was the best thing
that happened to me
I can't wait to be with him
That's good I gave my life to thee.



This poem I wrote to inspire young people to get to know Jesus

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