Getting Carried Away

Fri, 10/04/2013 - 18:44 -- 4kelsea

Getting carried away, going over the top, losing yourself.

That state of zen when you are meditatively doing,

Unconsciously awake, disconnected from your anatomy,

In a state only to known oneself, maintaining life while not taking in the life around you.

Quiet, zoned, and daydreaming whild your limbs work instinctively, monotonously in pattern,

Time cannot reach you and the mind dissipates stress,

Lost in one's mind, a mind that can worry and bring about tension and fear, 

A mind when entered and explored can destroy and fight off it's darker demons.

Catatonic, underwhelmed, dreaming only to react to an outside stimulus 

and once again return to the state of reality and consciousness.




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