Get It Write, Boy

When I was five years old I loved to read
My parents told me stories every night
But by the time I hit six reading wasn't enough
I decided that I wanted to write
Yeah I'm no Tolkein or King or Crichton or Lewis
But anyone who doubts me will end up looking foolish
I'm James Bond when I write, in my zone, Quantum of Solace
Because I know deep down that's what really makes me flawless
Some things people are born with, like athletic versatility
But other things you need to work at to develop ability
Imagination is the latter, I wasn't born with crazy skills
I had to hone it for years, and now I'm reaping the thrills
My first book wasn't much, a hundred words and some pics
I wrote it back in first grade just for fun and for kicks 
Since then I've grown a lot, and so has my writing
I sit down and the words flow without even trying 
My writing's like this poem, it has little continuity
Its only consistency is ingenuity
I try to think outside the box, outside my world and life
I'm flying places beyond time and space, away from all the hype
Every line I write's a piece of me, my mind transcribed in ink
Every word a single memory or something that I think
Every sentence is a vision of what the future hides
Every book is a projection of what I hold inside
I write because I love to, I don't think that I'm elite
I write because otherwise I wouldn't be complete
My writing represents me, it's perfect and it's polished
And I know deep down that's what really makes me flawless 
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