Get Free.


She left her wallet in El Segundo,

Clueless el son had a gun though,

1 hits, 2 hits,

They too be on that dumb dro,

She says she loves that boy, 

But their relations only days old,


Post up, watch the days go,

Cruise, bust missions, switch lanes,

Head south to San Diego,

Maybe get that payroll, 

Maybe rob a bank though,

Do everything ASAP,

They gotta get them pesos,


Gung Ho state of mind,

Never gave a fuck,

Went here,

Went there,

Doing such and such,


Blood flowing through 2 crippled hearts,

They can never be apart,

Both limping off a broke crutch,


Many wish them the worse of luck?

Ignorance is the evil that is cursing us,


If they shoot the bullshit,

Young soldiers, y'all better duck,

Cops pulled them over,

Wondering "why they searching us?"

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