Generations Y and Z


United States
30° 31' 42.8268" N, 87° 17' 12.12" W

Walk down the hall and all I see is sin,
Where do I begin?
Girls showing off their bodies to get stares from boys,
Enjoying the dirty looks like their self-respect is a toy.
They can't see the love,
The Great I Am who is above.
Who loves them with their clothe on,
No strings attached,
No matter how many times they break his heart.
But it's not just them because these so-called "men" play a huge part.
The Bible says for woman to follow man
So these "women" are dressing the only way they think they can.
Grab the attention of the ones they need to follow.
Scared to raise our hands in church,
To worship,
To praise
The God Almighty who gave
His only begotten son,
But quick to raise our hands in the club,
To "bend it over",
To shoot a gun.
Generations Y and Z,
It's time to stop playing with God.
Wake up,
Open your eyes,
And see that all of this is just Satan in disguise.
It's time to stop playing
Because we're breaking God's heart and he's coming back with a vengeance.
Save yourself now,
While you still can
Cause God has a plan for you.
Don't make him change it,
Cause he's God and he can.


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