Generation Why?


I sometimes think that people are put here to be something. But they later find themselves in the odd position of being nothing. Why?

Our entire civilization is on the precipice of development. In our pockets resides a computer capable of bringing the largest library of knowledge ever known to mankind to our very own fingertips within mere seconds.

And yet, I have a hard time believing that anyone would do anything but watch reality shows and sports while texting sweet-nuthings to impress nobodies.

Generation Why? We're the first to actually grow up with the internet and the abundance of technology thereof. We're teaching our parents how to make social networks and preserve an entire identity on the internet. An entire identity. Think about that. Do you think that sometimes, that takes away from our physical personality? Do you think we're less present when we're so senselessly plugged in?

Innocent questions, really. Unless you do take them to heart. I've grown too sick of people always plugged in. I remember it most evident in those precious elementary years. The cool kids were getting their cellphones and they were suddenly texting up a storm. They talked less and less, their faces grew more and more placid and dead.

Pull out your phones, text someone, tune out to whatever music the radio says is cool. It became this rat-race to do the same thing over and over.

And to this day, I still struggle with it. Oh no, not me. I've never really cared for a phone, pop music, the works of this deadened zeitgeist... but my friends... I could be hanging out with them , but the fun and games take a pause when they get a text. The solid silence of nothing but their tapping fingers, the dull blue light on their dull face, the small glimpse of emotion as they read, then reply. They turn back to me and we continue whatever we were doing only until their 'other conversation' continues.

This barrage of information, all clamoring for what little attention our young minds can handle. What has it done to us? It's killed us. It's killed our youth. Latency and innocence; a mere joke now. Kids need to have 'the talk' before they've even learned how to punctuate. Give a condom to your 13 year old and hope he makes the right decision. Throw some pills at your daughter and pray their curiosity doesn't overtake them.

This isn't natural. This isn't humanity. This is absolute destruction of living.

"I am an extremely successful American in a successful and respected America which informs me daily by the way it lives that it wants to die."

Generation Y... Why? Tell me. I have no idea of what to think about us. Drowning in movies and music that tells us to succumb to promiscuity and inebriation, indoctrinated to shut off from thinking and to shun silence. A world telling us 'to smile,' to be rowdy a hundred and fifty percent and mistakes introversion for depression. 

Silence. We're afraid of it, you know. We're utterly terrified of hearing ourselves think. But no, try it. Just. Think.

I wonder where your thoughts led you. Did you find anything? Our minds can do that. It's rather surprising. Maybe next time.

But that's where I think things have gone wrong. We don't want to discover anything, even within ourselves. We're careless people and we care less about thinking. Like Huxley's foreboding warning, the Brave New World is here. It's what we love that is killing us. It's what we senselessly continue to gorge our minds full of that clutters our minds and makes us indifferent about our current status. We've been reduced to passivity and egotism. Hashtag, I don't care, it's too much work. Certainly, in this sort of living, what we love will ruin us.

But is all lost? Is all ever lost?

The youth are at a crossroads, simply put. Man's almost infinite lust for distractions may be great, but can our will power overcome? Will we ever be capable of anything spectacular, stupendous, revolutionary? I look around and I have no idea. Maybe there needs to be inspiration. Maybe people are put here for a reason.


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