Fri, 05/24/2013 - 11:32 -- D.J.P


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Sense nostalgia:
a warm body at hip,
brilliant radiant sunbath,
steaming sweet cookie flesh,
mahogany moisture luminescence,
river’s deep cold in a fog,
a mountain’s bold majesty,
the forest’s nobility
and desert of clay.
These mixed,
some true image
while some fantastic of origin,
seeing globularly mutating orbs
of ethereal construction suspend:
floating metallic whirring
on slight chilling
otherworldly early
morning icy air,
fresh feeling
reality encoded senses.

The above generated
of cerebral organic device
interconnective of mind grid
datum serum living information,
ambrosial sweet essence
channelled through connectors primitive
of odd upright beings
having opposable capabilities
of digits and extremities
ambidextrous skillset.


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