generation gap


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remember the time like michael jackson brings pleasant memories
listening to music bring so much joy
i remember as a kid playing with transformers-one of my favorite type of toy
jamming to favorite jams of various music in which i embrace hip-hop
young people this day in age listen to music so bad i have to say stop
it was so much fun back in the days
problem with these kids nowadays is causing major delays
there is a gap wider than somebody's mouth having a root canal
so sad that it will take years to build them broken down bridges caused by failures
these kids are so disconnected that they'll spend money on uggs rather than a phone bill
you guys need to really relax and chill

as a kid, going to school was fun
although my shoulders will be red like a kool aid from carrying books heavier than a rock
i made sure i get to school on time because teacher will go by their clock
kids come to school late like it's a ritual
so pathetically common, it translates bad habits like a person picking their nose in which it becomes a habitual
young people rather celebrate someone getting jump than jump to someone's aid
nobody talks to them about safe sex, no wonder they contract a Syndrome call A.I.D with the S at the end
there is a generation gap so profound that nobody don't want to mingle and blend
we need to build that bridge more upscale than a raggedy club
or be dead in a place in the Bronx call the hub

i remember as a kid how when there was beef, people had each others back
now, something happens, nobody don't know anything in which that is so wack
it's the whole notion of i'm not a snitch
you know what, that's being an absolute bitch
causing nothing, but an unnecessary glitch
we need to bring awareness like a kid's favorite food
it has nothing to do with living in the hood
people act that way even they live deep in the wood
this is why there is a generation gap
don't act like you care because you don't deserve a dap
all that comes out of your mouth is full of crap
let's genuinely get together and start of movement of closing the gap
or be today's rappers with no talent, brains, and lyrics that develops a bad rap

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