This Generation

Born in this Generation 

Born in the wrong Generation

When love is just a word 

When relationships mean nothing more than just passing time 

When all we do is care more about ourselves than we do for others 

Where does the loyalty lie


Shooting each other just for the fun of it 

Joining gangs and calling them family just for the heck of it 

Bullying one another because someone is more unique than the others

How can we call ourselves the future Generation 

When we can barely let go of the past…..Generation 


Hurting one another 

Lying to one another 

Where does the loyalty lie 

Fuckboy this and Fuckboy that 

She’s a hoe and she's a thot 

Her skirt is to short 

Her shirt is way to tight 

Its her fault for wearing something so tight 

Maybe instead of blaming our young girls its time to teach our young males


Its NOT okay

She does NOT want to be touched

She did NOT asked to be raped 


So quick to grow up 

So quick to dress up enjoy your youth while you have it 

Don’t worry young one you’ll grown up soon enough 


The darker the berry the sweeter the juice 

Just because she is darker than me and she is lighter than me does not make her or her or any of them less of a woman than me 

You dislike her because of her color 

When she’s a replication of your mother 

Black is beautiful Black means power 

Don’t be persuaded by them 

Soon enough they shall know 

Our up rising is coming soon just wait on it we shall all be there soon


Born in this Generation 

Born in the right Generation 

Our time is coming and we are slowly rising in numbers 

Regrouping and becoming more  aware of the world around us from a very young age 

Some more naive than others but wait on us our glow up is coming soon

So I say friends did we learn something about this Generation 

The right Generation

Our time is here our time is now so take a stand for the right Generation

Learn from the past 


Become our new future

So I say my friends did we truly learn something from this poem 

That this is the right Generation

No more waiting 

No more Standing 

No more Eric Garners or Sandra Blands 

No more Micheal Browns or Tamir Rice's 

or Trayvon Martin's

because this is the 





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BAD ASS!!!You are my favorite new poet!{or new favorite poet?}

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