Gender-Less Is More

Girls, by definition,

Are female children

And females, by design, they

Have a vagina

You’d think it’d stop there,

But no, girls must have long hair

And nice, clear skin

And a figure that’s thin

They must have legs that are smooth

And lips that are huge

Flat abs, round butt, and big boobs

They must wear tight skirts

And low-cut shirts

6 inch High heels

And have high pitched squeals

An infectious giggle

And asses that wiggle

That’s what it means to be a girl


And if you’re a male, ya

Have external genitalia

That means blue hats

And baseball bats

It means, can’t cry

Suck it up, you’re fine

Can’t say, “I love you, Mom”

Cuz that’s just wrong

You can’t sing, or dance

Have to wear pants

Like action movies and hate romance

Or else you’ll get laughed at

And be called a faggot

They’re rough and tumble

Don’t like to cuddle

Dinosaurs, dump trucks

Cuz Only girls get Starbucks

That’s what is means to be a guy


But what does it mean

if you’re In between

What if you don’t fit in

The role you’ve been scripted

It means you’re not pink or blue

You identify as you

Gender; it’s cultural

Nothing ‘bout it’s natural

Breaking the rules is scary

But they’re really arbitrary

So do yourselves a service

Help make the future genderless

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My community
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Our world
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