The "geek"

Our world is a scary place

a place with hate and discrimination of race

people are scared to speak

don't wanna be that one geek

the geek who stand out in the crowd

just searching for a voice or a way to be loud

that "geek" is no geek only someone who wants to speak

let them speak, encourage them not to be weak

they make a difference to our world, making it a better space

our world is a scary place

we can change the hate and discrimination of race

stand up and be the voice of love

love is strong you know, love is love

blacks and whites holding each others hands

coming together, lets all take a stand

we are all equal, just people and more people

spread happiness no matter what

do what's right and speak up

everyone is equal

there's no need for a sequel

once we all understand this

our world will be a better place

a better space 

filled with love and happiness, no discrimination of race

happiness and love is key

can't you see?

what makes me happy is when people are kind

always be kind even if they are blind

even if they can't see that happiness and love is key

be the one that changes the world

speak up and everyone will see

happiness and love is key

now that you found your voice

we can all rejoice

thanks to you the world is better

a much better space

no hate or discrimination of race

just one big happy place

thanks to you, the "geek."

This poem is about: 
Our world


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