Gay Pride

But I love him.
Of course I do. I love him more than the world.
But that isn't real love. No. My love is just a phase.
A test of my parents will.
Because why would i love him? I'm only a boy.
I could never love him like a woman.
That is what they say. It is what they always say. always will say.
Even when we turn 25. the boxes piled against the wall as we move in to our new place.
'They are such close friends' Pointed. such harsh tone in such polite a phrase.
Why can't we be more than friends? Why am i the one who is wrong?

I see smiling faces. Age has wrinkled their skin but the smile in each other's arms.
47 years have come and gone between them and the still whisper i love you when the sun sets on the day and their heads lay down for the night. Her bossom pressed into a lovers back.
But they are just friends. so says the world.

A world of hypocrites. Righteous men looming over the "unholy" and spewing their words and ideals down upon us.
Found eating their words in an almost literal sense. Lies upon lies upon lies. what makes them righteous? what makes us wrong? you quote a book that calls for women to die if married with lost virginity. I can write words on a page too. does that make my word any better?
But yours is a holy book. and if i should call mine the same? Does that make it any more credible?

What makes you special? is it the majority? Then why do blacks have rights?
Is it superiority? Then why not let Hitler succeed.
Is your religion so much better? Then why not join the taliban?
Your reasons are masks for your fear. Fear that you have claimed to fight against around the world. but it is at home now and you refuse to acknowledge it.
We will not go away and we will not hide. We are people too. We have Gay Pride.



That was so beautiful ♥


Thank you. ^_^

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