Gay Lives Matter

What if my twin sister wasn't gay? Would the people actually care? Would they let her breathe in the same air?

What if her girlfriend wasn't gay? Could he walk to school without these little boys being so cruel?

Could they live in a world with no hate? Maybe people would love them if they were straight

You think it's easy being this way? Let me educate you about being gay

You see people like them aren't accepted, but you try viewing their pain in their perspective

They're being shunned for somthing they chose to be, but according to the fourteen amendment shouldn't everybody be free?

Why should they be labeled as different because they like the same sex. Between ayo you're a faggot and damn son you really gay what's next?

At night they toss and turn making it hard to sleep because your words scar deep

Shivering with fear that their minds are going to get sold. Your a faggot, your a dyke, you don't belong here. See now that's cold

The devil dressed as protection but when he jumps out the close he laughs and yells, "your coming down with me in my section"

It's not fair that they have to swallow their prideful colors just to please others

And cough up what they don't belive in because being gay is a "sin"

They're paying a pride money can't buy. Go to hell you deserve to die

You're disgusted with their sexuality, but discrimination against gay's that's reality 

And I ask them why do you accepted flowers and ignore weeds

And they say it's not easy to wheat out the roots that they planted in us or knock down the gate that they built around us

They're trapped in a garden of guilt, guilty of being different. Why should you use your holy bible and religion against somebody's final decision

But who is there to blame? This isn't a game. Why can't they walk around without being shamed

So what if they roles where reversed? What if you were in their shoes feeling all that hurt?

What if you were cursed? How would you manage to live on planet earth?

But how can they live when every corner they turn, is you waiting for them to burn

In a place where they don't belong. But how can they stay strong, when everything they do is wrong?

The first ever gay flag was created by Gilbert Baker. And for you to disrespect it is a head acre, and for them to witness that disrespect is a head acre, and you to disrespect my own twin sister is a heart breaker

Everyday she goes home to cry, wishing she can die

But I tell her lift her head up before it's too late, remember your in God's hand living in God's fate

So, why are you trying to break a glass that cannot be shattered? You say all lives are important so why can't "Gay Lives Matter?"

This brings me to the end of my lesson, to my LGBTQ community you have my blessing

So I don't care what you say. I am proud that she is this way. I'm glad that my identical twin sister is gay.


This poem is about: 
My family





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