If you asked someone what made them happy, they'd probably say their mother, father, boyfriend, girlfriend, son, or daughter

Dog, cat, or something like that

The list can go on

But If you asked me, I would say... myself

Now how many people do you know that would automatically resort to THAT answer?

Only I know how to make myself smile I'm not saying that I always laugh at my own jokes I mean.. sure! I do that sometimes... Okay maybe a bit more than I should, but that's not the point

No one knows how to make me laugh and smile like I do

I wouldn't say my girlfriend makes me happy (I hope she doesn't get a hold of this)

Simply because sometimes, she can upset me

I wouldn't say my family makes me happy

And again, simply because they can upset me

When I say something makes me happy, I don't want to regret it later

So therefore, I chose myself

Only I know EXACTLY what I need in order to be happy

Only I have the power to, physically, put a smile on my face

Only I have the power to search for happiness when I'm "down in the dumps"

I don't tend to look for happiness in others

Just because I don't want to get hurt in the process and take the blame and say I'm not .. good enough

It all makes me sick to my stomach

Y'know.. thinking you're not good enough

You wonder if there's anything that can fill the void inside

Y'know how it is

Constantly searching for happiness, but only finding emptiness

So it's time to do something different this time...

It's time to stop depending on others to pick me up when i'm down; especially if I'm perfectly capable of doing so myself.

All I need is myself to make me happy.



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