Poetry is a gateway
The cliché strikes again
But why is a break in a wall what poetry has become
Humans are not walls
We are living, breathing souls
With the ability for love
For heartbreak
And for repair
So why is poetry a gateway?
Because too often we avoid the necessary
And refuse to fix the brokenness within
So we become dark
Empty emotionless seas
And our only way out is through expression
Lyric, music
It is our way of feeling
When we feel as if no one cares
Who we are
Why we do what we do
But the words care
They will listen no matter what
They will never turn us down
Or refuse to pay attention
They are there
Poetry is a gateway
A hole in the wall that we create of ourselves
It gets inside of us
And listens It is constant
It lets us see inside of ourselves
We allow it to exist where no one else is allowed
It feels us
Because it is us
It is the gateway to understanding ourselves.


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