As Gaston Falls Down

The cursed Beast

The Belle of the ball

The walking, talking furniture

In the end they got it all

I, a man who just loved her

Who wanted to save her from herself

Am falling down to my doom

Because my beloved loved someone else

I, a man who came

Back from war

A hero who wanted love, wanted her

She outright chucked me out the door

I continue falling and ponder

Isn’t the good guy supposed to save

The damsel in distress?

But as I look at her, as I meet my grave

I realize she is the villain of my story

The wicked pretty girl, with her wicked books

I should have known from the beginning

She was what was killing my looks

The cursed Beast was never the monster

In my sights

The beauty in this equation

Was the one who killed this knight’s

Dream to love and live
Happily Ever After


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