garden of madness

wilted rose

in a garden of madness,

passing your days

as an outcast-

with no burden to



with shame you hang

your head down

your roots

go deeper

making it hard to move


little did you know

there were more

like you


wilted flower

how you bask

in the sun

living the rest

of your days

In this,

garden of madness


you were picked

and cut

to be that flower

in the window.



you kept on fighting,

while others looked

down at you in shame


once they tended to you

you shined brighter

each and



wilted rose

you grew

to be

as sane as

everybody around you


you couldn’t overcome

your written legacy

you dreaded the story

and tried to

write your own


in the end

you were all alone

the wilted flower,

in the garden,

one who was

different for the rest.





and misery

no one unstood

you, wilted flower


left on your own

“No pain is greater

than this”


time went on

you started to give

no help

alone and broken

“What a fighter”


you believed

you were still

that wilted flower


you gave in

they cut and

plucked you

from that garden

of madness


a shutter of pain

brought upon you

wilted flower

then you were gone


no other pain to feel

no sadness

no happiness

that all






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