The Garden

I’ve planted you a garden deep inside my mind

The flowers, they’re all dying

You must turn on the light

I’ve lost all power

I can not gain control

For every time I call for you, you’re gone, or so I’m told

I’ve planted you a garden, you won’t believe your eyes

Take my hand, follow the path

When you’re ready, close your eyes

Your fingertips are slipping; I will not let you go

We’ll always fall together; I’ll never leave you alone

For I’ve run out of water, I need to call you my own

I’ve planted you a garden, there’s fog, I can not see

The weeds are turning green

Negativity is taking over; it would stop if you’d come clean

Death is at the seams

The flowers are all wilting  

It seems you are too late, because you took the key and then you slammed the gate

I’ve planted you a garden, it seems you’ve lost your mind

It’s a trap, I hear you scream, I can see it in your eyes

The wind, it has stopped blowing

The light still isn’t on

I’ve created a Hell

Grab my hand, I’ll take you there

I’ve planted you a garden, I thought you’d be the one

But it seems you are too late, we are not meant to be

You didn’t catch me quick enough

My fingertips have slipped through the gate

Don’t you dare try and catch me

For I can not be saved

I’ve planted you a garden, but have I gone insane?

I’ve promised you to stay

You made that promise in return, I sat and watched it break  

You’ve let go and walked away

My soul has left my body

And you’re the one to blame.


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