The Garage (Hidden Gifts)

Thought: The Garage 


Serious questions, 

What are you hiding,

You may not believe it,

But the world actually wants to know,


Have you ever spent too much time hiding something, 

Like a talent or,

A piece of your personality that make you unique?

Stowed away for a later day?

And because of unfortunate circumstances throughout your life,

The years that followed were more like the burying of it?

Not in dirt or anything like that,

But more like a garage where we keep this.. “stuff”. 

Stuff that piles up on top another like dilemmas,

And leaves you wondering whether or not you should throw it away,

Or keep it,

Not realizing that either choice doesn’t allow you to use it,


Maybe you make the mistake of confusing docile for calmness ,

Apathy for emotional control 


Maybe you've mistaken artistry for scribbles 

Gifts for hobbies,

And then later,

You inadvertently run into that part of you again,

And you see the value in it again, 

And you wonder why we ever set it aside in the first place,



You not working on and displaying your gifts is like you being a generational THIEF, 

Not understanding that you were born on purpose with a purpose,

ROBBING THE WORLD of what God gave you to make a difference,

Even if it is just in one life,


So what are you going to do?

Leave evidence that you were here,

In a way that ripples throughout generations?

Or sneak out of this world without sound..

Like a thief


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