Mon, 02/09/2015 - 10:08 -- Kaye3

To the girl who stood in front of the bathroom mirror with a phone between your thighs telling your friends, “I wish”,


I never told you you are beautiful.

I never old you that you need a gap between your thighs like you need a gap in your soul.

I never stood beside you saying “you are more. You are

Larger than the poison fed to you by the magazines in checkout lines,

The lies told to you by the ones with contracts, deadlines and bottom lines.

You do not need their

Diets, workouts, airbrushes,

Do not deny yourself the food

Of knowledge. Fill yourself with it until all of the gaps

Disappear, and then let them hear you

Roar. When you do not deny yourself. They cannot deny

Your existence because

It is meaningful.

You are meaningful.

Refuse to be invisible!


They make sure you cannot speak because you are


On Lipstick and high heels,

And your words are buried beneath Photoshop and impossible expectations.

But you are here

For a purpose, so do not

Listen to the names. For a loud lady who does speak is a

Fat, Tasteless Bitch.

These words come from those who fear you may take their power.

Well, let them be afraid, because one day,

You will, but I never told you you are


You are brave,

You are beautiful.


I never told you any of this,

And this lack of action somehow made me

The problem.


This is my gap

And with my words,


I will fill it.


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