Gap Force (poem about gap year between high school and college)

A high school senior not long ago

Taken by surprise by what she did not know

What lie ahead still a mystery unsolved,

She had no idea how much she'd evolve.

A financial crunch hindered her college dreams.

But she wouldn't give up; she was dilligent it seems.

A minor "bump in the road" could not hold her back.

It was time to devise a plan to attack.

Her dreams of college were not doomed.

They were just postponed she presumed.

From that moment on, she would work and work.

Until she reached her goals, the persistence it lurked.

With no college plans, she emabarked on a gap,

A productive break between schooling not a prolonged nap.

During this time that was all her own,

She discovered a love for the great unknown.

The films she watched, she yearned to be part of.

Before the new found passion, she hadn't experienced love.

Now, here she sits with ideas racing through her mind;

What film will she make next? What inspiration will she find?

From uninterested high school senior, to a passionate young adult,

Next year to college she will bolt.




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