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1 second on the clock
You’re down 1
Difference between winning & losing is a shot
1 shot is all you got
Indecisive do you pass or shoot (But it’s no time)
Championship on the line & it’s winning time
You say you’re scared & worried, worried about losing
You say fear is the reason you’ll crack in the clutch
But really that’s a crutch
Your heart sinks as you hear the crowd roar
Will you settle to fly or will you try to soar
The clock is ticking so you got to hoist up the shot
You & the defender just watch as the shot arches
Everyone is waiting so their hearts stop
Then the shot drops
So you get filled with tons of emotion
The CROWD embraces you & their love is like a potion
It’s invigorating at first but it wears off after time
But, as you walk off the court and you get love from your team
But, you couldn’t even imagine this in a dream
Your GW shot with 1 second left
Made Cleveland stand on its feet & hold its breath
The media said it’s a farce
They question if this was luck or skill
Though, they said it was a great shot
The media doesn’t choose a side is what you been taught
But, you know that your good but it’s something you forgot
So you let the gimics & headlines seep into your mind
& the chill & the fear rise up your spine
Its temporary is what you say, Hey it’s all fine!
The fear & pressure makes your game falter
So you & the media are engaged & you’re stuck at the altar
“Worse NBA Finals performance of time”
You go from dropping 20 & 10 to 10 & 5
You wish, you could go into a deep slumber, you wish you weren’t alive
See you worry & worry if it will all end
You wonder if the media is your enemy or your friend
“I’m taking my talents to South Beach”
Once you said that you are losing your fans they can no longer be reached
But what they don’t know is when it’s all over what will you do
When people watch your old games will they cheer or boo
No more taking bad shots shooting 53%
Your game is well polished your time was well spent
That memory is what you want to remember before you leave
When the work is done & you’ve rolled up your sleeves
A Legacy is what you want to leave behind
You you’re not “winning 1,2,3,4 or 5”
The Media doesn’t want you to shine
But once you get over this fear
Your game will prosper & the fans will cheer
You’ve seen the light so you pull up the rear
2012 Finals MVP
“He’s the best player in the world and he’s finally won it all”
Remembered, Remembered All you want to is to be Remembered
“I’m all about winning championships”
When the dust settles and the lights are off
You hope that you’re good enough to get into the Hall of Fame
You hope that when you’re dead and gone people will say “He Got Game”



Lamar you Suck!


Lamar this was tight! I never thought you could write like this. Keep up the good work! :)

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