When life knocks you down
When people disappoint you
When your money runs out
When friends become foes
When spiritual authority speaks a curse instead of a blessing
When loved ones seems unlovable
When people you look up to look down at you
When all the things around you becomes shadows in the light of you
What do you do?
What next?
Where do you go
Who do you turn to?
Where is your present help in the times of trouble?
I know, right!
You feel so all alone
Like being in the valley of the shadows of death
All hope is gone!
How do you hope against hope?
How do you come out of this?
Is there hope for me?
Yes! There is hope for you
Look deep within. Look inside yourself
There is something great inside of you
You have greatness in you
Look in the mirror
What do you see?
Beauty, buoyancy, bliss.
Yes, that’s you. You are a master piece
You have what it takes to become all that you were born to be
Speak to yourself
Encourage yourself
Speak positive words and build up yourself
You are a champion!
Be your own cheerleader
You know you better than anyone knows you
What do you want to achieve? What legacy you want to leave behind?
Yes, you can have that life you always dreamed of
So, when life knocks you down, make sure to land on your back
And as you look up, tell yourself you will get up
What are you waiting on? Get up. It’s not over until you WIN!

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