Wed, 03/10/2021 - 08:13 -- AdamsK

I am not an animal. I can’t be tamed

Treating me like nothing, treating me like a game

Waste my time. Waste my patience

Bringing me roses, with your voice of cadence  

You only speak to me when you are free

Baby I love you

But u choose your friends over me

I cannot continue like this, it’s as if I’m just the side

Now every time u say u love me, I think that you’ve lied

Now it’s time to make the tables turn

Make u see my pain and make it all burn

Ignore you until it hurts

I’ll do whatever to make this work

I can’t lose you, its not the end

Our bridges are built from brick and they can’t start to bend

So tell me you love me and tell me you mean it

You’re healing me now, but I was already bleeding




Annabelle A Ross

nice 👍

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