My existence is captured within the breeze.

Swiftly moving,

Circulating the vibes of humanity.

Furor never inferior for I cannot easily be depressed

Try to repress me,

The storm shall be within you.

I am a different venue.

Innocence limited,

Mind blown widely into reality.

Black nationalism...terms too complex to suppress.

I am what you easily call different and confusing.

Being a woman makes for more complexity.

My complexion that of a majestic mahogany.

Forever a furor,

you cannot stop me.

Ain't I supposed to be dead?

Prophecies depicting my death bed...


I's a woman

Black and beautiful as the corruption that glues us.

Don't be stupid.

I am a furor.

Fury escaping my pores as the sweat of my ancestry is once more

WIPED AWAY into a nonexistent label of "workers"

Please explain your deranged ideology.

I deserve an apology.

I want more than egotistic views.

Truths lie in arms reach.

Mama should have named me controversy.


Did I say that?

Urkel jerking your every internal interrogation.

Why can't this nation follow this massive storm?

I am a mad cyclone in the sea of inhibitions.

Restrain me all you want,

my poetry is my escape.

Once depleted of value,

my words proved my rate.

I am a diamond,

no cheap date when it comes to the debate of pure equality.

Pay what you owe.

You will sense me in every breath that you take,

in every move that you make,

I am a strong movement.

X and Garvey sculpted me in ways unimaginable unless you read.

I am a scratched DVD... unreadable

But again, you will FEEL me.

The furor is within you, among you, of you.

Change is what I'll forever need.

Come along if your heart is not filled with greed.

Knowledge feeds me,

I am a furor everlasting.

The world needs me.

-B. Serenity

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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