Furious Passion

Being an adolescent is a roaring, ever-changing ocean

and the new experiences are brave, plummeting waves.

However at times, I feel as little as a sail boat-

being drowned by an avalanche of furious waves.

It is as if I am desperately gasping for air,

but instead inviting the ocean into my lungs, needing to be saved.


Little do I know, that only I can save me from myself-

for the vengeful waves that drown me are my own thoughts enslaved;

screaming to be heard.

I fear to let them be spoken, for I fear rejection.


But if I do not express my feelings- that is rejection in itself.

I will no longer resist my thoughts, because they roar inside me,

and they can not be stopped, no more will they have a place on a disgraced shelf.

I will cross oceans.


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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