This funny color called Life:

This color was bright, beautiful, and magnificent

I watched it soar through lonely souls and dig its nails into fields of

who’s what’s wheres’ when’s and why’s

It burned the eyes of honest souls

and used residue of hate, anger, and vengeance

to build schools, roads, and inspiration

This color paints beauty in between the lines

of what was

This color is the color of the girl who lost everything

but built an empire

it journeys through animals dying to provide and providing to die

this color is




it whispers against the crust

on the brim of an orphans eye

who teaches the lessons of the color

to his adopted children

Disease ridden cities painted this shade,

this tint, rolls of the tongues of once almost dead

now existing doctors, nurses, oxygen givers


Step back and taste the mistakes

and bathe in it’s awesome residue

the ugly blanket and the silver lining

the beginning and the end

every diamond has a rough edge


this color was bright, beautiful, and magnificent

and burned the toes of the dancer

with the legs the doctor said would not be-

This color kisses hearts

separates friendships and exhales loneliness

but inhales new relationships and begin again’s


The color is a prison of privilege

A coffin of forgiveness

Who are you to destroy

Who are you to remember

Who are you to plunge in this colors pool-


This color is a gift

of everything

reminding us when we are unaware

that this color is balance

yin and yang

There is good in the bad

and bad in the good

but our job, our mission

is to cook up the best


season it with inspiration

slurp up the motivation

and serve it on the plate

of this funny color called life

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Our world
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Really like your wording and imagery. Dope. Love the last 4 lines. :)

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