fun between summers


Summer has gone,

   with that warm gulf breeze.

And, fall has arrived,

   turning leaves in the trees.


My carefree days,

   spent out in the sun,

now replaced by a classroom,

   devoid of all fun.


School is a drudge,

   and cold weather a bummer.      

But I still enjoy life,

   in the absence of summer.  


I set my homework to music,

   while I mash the math.

Text notes to my girls,

   as I’m sitting in class.


Let loose on the sidelines,

   when I cheer for our team.

Hold hands with that boy,

   who looks like a dream.


Catch a drive-in movie,

   under a star-filled night.

Plan for the prom,

   find a dress that’s just right.


Chase fun on the weekends,

   hang with my crew.

Drive around our town,

   with nothing to do.


Halloween, Thanksgiving,

   then, Christmas is near.

New Year’s Eve parties,

   and start the new year.


Resolutions are made,

   all good intentioned.

Eat better, more exercise,

   are commonly mentioned.


Spring comes to bring,

   the break we all need.

A week full of fun,

   somewhere by the sea.


We return to the classroom,

   sunburned and tired.

Then graduation is mentioned,

   and our passions re-fired.


We race against time,

   to lift GPAs.

Fill college apps

   and scholarship essays.


I will make the most I can,

  of this Senior year.

Though, I really can’t wait

   until summer is here!





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