Full of FlawsPractice. Every single


Full of Flaws

Practice. Every single day is devoted to rehearsal and practice. Keep your chin up and smile wide, don't let it fall. 

Fall. If you fall, you fail. Do you want to fail? Nothing will come to you if you lose.

Lose. You can't win if your hair looks like that! You need to look the part, why don't you go get your hair and make up done?

Hair and make up. You can never have enough hair spray and finishing powder! You should try a new look for this one. Maybe you should get a new dress to match your new look.

Look better. You look like you may have gained weight, why don't you work out? That stomach fat won't burn itself. You need to stop eating all the time. Cut down your meal sizes and work out more.

More. More? What more do you want? Why am I not enough? Why do I have to pose on a stage and be judged on my exterior appearance? Why does my image matter more than my intelligence and personality?

Enough. Enough is enough. I will not be judged on my appearance. I will not let your discrimination ruin me. I can achieve even greater things with my intellect and my personality than with a tight fitting gown and high heels. 

I like my flaws and imperfections. I will not be defined by my waistline. I won't be weighed by how heavy I am but by how imaginative and creative I am. I will be measured by my grades in school instead my height in heels. I will practice my co-curricular activity, not walking in a line and then a turning. If I fall, I want it to be with something I am in love with, not on my face because I accidentally stepped on my gown. If I lose, it is only because I can do better. Flaws create beauty and trying to hide them is a shame. Women need to embrace who they are, not what they look like.


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