Fugitive, fugitive, fugitive

Fugitive, fugitive, fugitiveYou must not be fugitiveYou must be activeLove your homeMake it as a groomAdorn with every pomponTo show himself handsomeWear and pretty trimAnd be always in the placeTo lead all nationsImitate its way, obey its sayFear to be faceWith yours at faceFugitive, fugitive, fugitiveYou must be passiveDo your work in activeEven others see you negativeDon't look at themDon't hear their saysAs they may be liesConsider them as absentThey will destroy your active, make you away of sightAnd confuse your mindTo loose your motherThe home you belongThey dream to see youAs a remind of lastThey thought that youIs one of the pastIf you obey themYou will be lostShake your headTo clean it from dustThat it is covered your headThat makes you the lastThat makes you the worstThat appears your lazinessWash it by water wavesThose are new sciencesSupport your legsMake you in advanceAnd high your home over headsThey will lead you downwardThey learn you bad habitAs alcohol drinkerOr use drugs as converterFrom good to be dangerOr women loverTake you to the lowestAnd make you forgetYour duty about your land And you will be fugitiveAWho will defeat the worst?Who will face the devils?That your princeThat is your GodYou must be proudThat you obey your God

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Our world


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