United States
32° 44' 51.5364" N, 97° 5' 32.964" W
United States
32° 44' 51.5364" N, 97° 5' 32.964" W

We all should be afraid

To live in a nation that uses military grade

Force on a population, but chooses to evade

And try manipulation of the story; they degrade

The whole situation and attempt to persuade

Us of the victims' 'degeneration.'


Police invade the promenade

Like a cavalcade on parade.

They unsheathe their metaphorical blade

To ‘keep the peace,’ but nobody is swayed;

Instead the people feel dismayed and betrayed.


Tension’s through the roof and all nerves are frayed.

Violence is the go-to, while reason is delayed.

The situation is no longer staid,

The ammunition is no longer stayed,

Civility is out the door, and hostility’s the only guest that stayed.


The people’s bodies form a stockade

To protect their community by means of a living blockade,

But police force their way through the fleshy palisade.

They use automatic weapons to violently dissuade

Their victims from standing up, and the barricade is decayed.

When a person stands for freedom, their labeled a renegade;

Even worse, a radical, and they face the force displayed

By a wrongfully placed crusade

Intent on charade.


Justice is placed in shade while morals fade,

And the worst part about this scene protrayed?

It’s not happening in Iraq, Iran or Kuwait,

This is going on in the USA,

Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.

Amendments and rights are being ignored while homes destroyed

In the false claims of order and peace.

And that’s why I roll in front of the station,

Windows down, N.W.A playing,

Two fingers up while they hear me saying,

“Fuck the police.”


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